About Century Plastics

Century Plastics was formed in 1975 when two friends became fascinated with the rotational molding process*. In an empty garage, they designed and built a simple yet operational rotational molding machine which used a Bunsen burner as the heat source.

In 1978, the two men purchased their first rotational molding machine and their first major contract was making electrical boxes for B.C. Hydro. By the early 1980s, Century Plastics had expanded its product base and moved into its 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Richmond, B.C.

Today, Century Plastics is one of Western Canada’s leading manufacturers of molded plastic products. From battery boxes to blueberry bins, from 2400 gallon vertical storage tanks to 5 gallon potable water tanks, from fish totes to trash and recycling bins, we design and manufacture a wide variety of products. And our custom designs ensure our clients receive what they need.

Oh, and the two guys who founded the company? They’re still here producing outstanding molded plastic products.Logo of Rotational Molders International

Century Plastics is a member of the Association of Rotational Molders International.

*Rotational molding is a plastics processing technique that involves rotating, heating and cooling a mold filled with resin. For details, visit our Process section .